Desert Safari


47 USD
per person

Duration: 6 hour

Group: from 1 to 6 person

Languages: English Русский

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Only specially trained drivers are able to stay calm at the moment when their car hangs on the edge of the top of sand dune, deciding whether they should go back and rush down by inclined arc or they should take off to the top of next dune…and sit on the “belly” there. You scream, even not realizing why – because of fear or because of delight. Finally your jeep by itself or with the help of another one rolls down to the road, and you, after taking a breath, head to the camp. The evening is going to be unusual! After getting out of the car you will choose a place under the tent stylized as Bedouins’ stop spot. Have you looked around? Now you can relax after a crazy race, smoke shisha waiting for dinner – you can already feel its smells around the camp which attract desert lions and other predators. It is pity that it is a joke! They will eat the whole your dinner! Well, after having a nice dinner, it is time to watch belly dance show and listen to the Arabic music which sounds harmonious in Arabic desert, with the star sky above and unusually placed crescent moon. And when the music fades away go little bit away from the camp and listen to the SILENCE. We, inhabitants of big cities, really need it. 

Adult - 47$, kid - 37$ (standard)
Adult - 58$, kid - 53$ (with VIP-table)

What's Included?

dune bashing, camel riding, falcon demonstration, henna painting, Arabic coffee, shisha, soft drinks, barbeque dinner, entertainment program with tanura dance and belly dance

What is not included?

photo with falcon, quad ride, alcohol (at extra cost)

What to have with you

convenient clothes and shoes, hats from sun, in winter it can be cold at night

Your Meeting Point

your hotel



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